TURFpal was conceptualized and designed based on a growing need within the turf accounting sector due to manual intervention throughout the operations. It has significantly decreased efficiency as the high volumes cannot be manually handled beyond a certain point as well as it hinders accuracy due to manual verification at the end.

The idea of this NEKMA solution is to automate the functions of turf accounting business in order to provide end to end seamless transaction processing throughout the entire cycle, enabling transparency to all stakeholders as well as giving complete visibility and control to their owners.

Handwritten texts / scripts Recognition

The current Turf Accounting industry depends largely on manual chits for bids irrespective from small betting centers to large business centers as no viable alternative has evolved yet.

NEKMA has stepped in to change this traditional manual process into a result-oriented automation process and gained a significant attraction from many clients in the trade.

This is a special kind of blend of both the Cognitive Document Automation technique together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) towards developing a solution to convert handwritten scripts to an automated environment. Error-free, fast, and accurate calculations are the key feature of the solution.

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