Auto Vehicle Detection


Vehicle tracking for their movements has become a critical necessity in terms of commercial and security/Surveillance purposes. By simply capturing the vehicle registration number plate of the vehicles through a scanner or CCTV, the software gives you a comprehensive information about the vehicle while it tracks the movement of the vehicle.

Vehicle Parking Management System

The NEKMA’s Auto Vehicle Parking solution is exclusively developed with a commercial purpose and ideal for those who;

  • Operate a large fleet of vehicles to manage their vehicle movement
  • Engage in vehicle parking in commercial scale
  • Has a large vehicle inflow and outflow i.e. hospitals & private channeling centres, hotels & restaurants, telecommunication, fashion & clothing outlets, supermarkets, apartments and entertainment areas etc.

Auto ticketing, dedicated parking slots, availability based in & out, detection of blacklisted vehicles and VIP vehicles are among the features of the product.

Auto Surveillance

NEKMA has looked into the critical need of Auto Surveillance in terms of national security. So our product is especially designed for the needs of various government institutions related to national security such as Police Department, all Tri-forces, Criminal Investigation Division (CID) etc.,

The product is developed in such a way that it can provide as many as reports with various information, statistics and analysis with comparative figures and many more reports in any forms on request of the clients.

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