Automated Document Processing


Extracting valuable data from complex on-paper documents with flexible structures in desired formats is now possible through OCR Engines powered by machine learning technology.

Information is critical for a smooth business operations but Business Processes are still largely dependent on document-based information. The methodology of managing the documents whether in scanned images or generated from various applications is crucial in maximizing efficiency while reducing the cost.

NEKMA’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions makes your life so easier in classifying, sorting, validating, and extracting your information through automated data capturing from different sources such as invoices, receipts, slips and applications, and various manually filled forms.

Application & form data capturing

From thousands of documents either printed or handwritten together with any images or features are manually used in day-to-day business routine. Large labor and time-intensive tasks with the involvement of high labor costs.

It continues to retain a multi-disciplinary character with a particular emphasis on the Corporate & Commercial practice. The Firm is well placed to meet the challenges that the rapidly changing economy presents and in providing exceptional value to clients. All these documents now can be easily converted to a digital records by simply extracting the information contained in these documents just in few seconds.

  • Fewer people involved
  • Accomplished within few minutes
  • With a high level of accuracy at a low cost.

Invoice and Receipt data capturing

Data entering from bundles of invoices and receipts generated manually in traditional methods to make a digital record is yet a painful routine of many businesses. It’s time for businesses to get rid of the painful-cumbersome traditional process and switch to a technically advanced technique so that a simply scanned invoice, receipts or any business document now can be converted to a digital record just in few seconds.

Cheque & bank Slips data capturing

Manual feeding of Cheque deposit data in large volumes into computer systems is yet another gray area in many banks although many technically advanced tools are being used in developing countries.

Trading companies and financial institutions are receiving on-dated and post-dated cheques in large numbers against receivables from debtors. Instead of feeding the cheque details manually, NEKMA can instantly convert them to digital data by simply generating a real-time transaction. Not only that, an instant transaction notification to the client via email or smart phone is also available at your choice.

The bank’s manual data entering process for deposit and withdrawal slips now can be instantly converted to a real-time transaction without any sort of manual data feeding.

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