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Every client would love to have instant/successful transaction processing at a minimal waiting time without any hassle. From the very basic banking transaction like filling a deposit slip or filling a KYC (Know Your Customer) form up to complex banking transactions, the traditional banking process has to get through many complex document/form filling and converting them into an ERP system through manual data entering. This is an area that the bank’s staff spend more time on data entering to their ERP system.

NEKMA’s complex document processing software totally eliminates the need for your bank staff in manual data entering, form filling, cheque processing, loan documentation, etc. and interestingly they are no longer required to carry out these tasks manually.

Cheque & bank Slips data capturing

The manually filled cheque /cash deposit and withdrawal slips now can be instantly converted to a real-time transaction without any sort of manual data feeding.

Loan & FD Document Automation

As an All-in-One solution;

  • to simplify the data feeding of loan documents to an ERP system by eliminating the manual data feeding while
  • archiving for future retrieval of documents in digital form when required for review

is now possible just in a click.

NEKMA now offers a state-of-the-art “All-in-One solution” to Loan Officers in banks and Non-Bank financial institutions to;

  • cut short their manual data entry in loan processes
  • extract manually filled text data in loan documents directly to the ERP system in digital form

maintain and safe keeping of the information in digital form for future retrieval

KYC Process Automation

NEKMA has now made the KYC documentation process more simplified by capturing the information in the KYC forms and converting them to digital records through a Document scanning software.

It simply validates the key data which helps streamline compliance, reduce workload, and hassle-free maintenance of information in digital form.

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