Government Processes


NEKMA Solutions has simplified many labor, document, and time-intensive government processes into simple processes eliminating the hassle in manual document classification, extracting and validating the data depending on various types and formats. NEKMA’s document capturing solution has made a revolutionary impact with high demand from many Government institutions as it significantly reduces manual data entry, time, and costs with an unchallengeable high level of accuracy.

Mail and post

NEKMA has also looked into various avenues as to how the mail and post operations could be improved with increased speed and the high level of accuracy of the mail processing. It’s an amazing change towards reducing the data entry tasks and the high costs incurred thereon.

The NEKMA’s automatic reading and sorting of all types of incoming mails have helped the mail and post operations of Government postal department and mailroom operation of large corporate entities to make a revolutionary change in;

  • reducing the high labor-intensive mail operation
  • to making an efficient and cost-effective mail and post-operation.

Tax Returns

Traditional submission of periodic tax returns to the Government’s Inland Revenue Department and various local government authorities is entirely a manual form filling process. Extracting data in the Tax Returns to Revenue Department’s ERP system is a huge labor-intensive task. It consumes a significant amount of time yet the level of accuracy is subject to check and verification process by another team of humans.

NEKMA’s Just-in-Click Tax Return solution has made the lives of tax officials of the department.

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