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NEKMA Solutions offers a variety of software solutions specially designed for BPOs.

This software will significantly reduce not only the costs but also the complexity of configuring and optimizing your various document automation tasks.

Sorting & Classification

NEKMA’s document sorting and classification solution goes into recognizing unknown to known documents in large volumes and classifying them without based on any predefined parameters as the process automatically groups the documents depending on the common content, features, logos, sensitive information, likeness or similarities, etc.,

Document Archive and Quick Retrieval

Over time, any business will have a large volume of important documents such as letters, contracts, or project documents. All these standstill documents take up precious and expensive storage space while searching for relevant data manually can consume an extraordinary amount of employees’ time.

NEKMA’s Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) techniques have made the process much easier for businesses to save costs, reduce working hours, and significantly speed up business processes by extracting any text, images, or handwriting and converting them to valuable business documents into digital records that can be electronically archived, efficiently managed, and easily accessed.

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