Our Focus


Our Focus

NEKMA initially comes into business a decade ago as one of the leading software providers for accounting, financial, stock control, integrated POS and billing systems, patient management systems exclusively for hospitals etc.

Over the years, we have evolved and built our business model which is mainly focused on Business Process Modeling, development, and maintenance while providing Consultancy services and training are the other affiliated business avenues.

Every solution built by NEKMA is a blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) which ensures the production of the most reliable, faster, and highest accurate data for your business needs. A variety of industries from financial services, government institutions, healthcare, and manufacturing industries are being utilized our solutions to process millions of documents as a part of their routines and save time and increased the level of efficiency and accuracy.

The carefully chosen product range has helped us grow our business over a decade helping our clientele to get their business run more efficiently.

Contact Details

Sales Hotline: (+94) 70 433 18 38
Technical Support: (+94) 70 433 1844
Fixed Lines: (+94) 112 804 249

Email: info@nekmasolutions.com


Corporate Office
No. 17C, Wijerama road,
Sri Lanka.