Our Focus

NEKMA initially comes into business a decade ago as one of the leading software providers for accounting, financial, stock control, integrated POS and billing systems, patient management systems exclusively for hospitals etc.

Over the years, we have evolved and built our business model which is mainly focused on Business Process Modeling, development, and maintenance while providing Consultancy services and training are the other affiliated business avenues.

Every solution built by NEKMA is a blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) which ensures the production of the most reliable, faster, and highest accurate data for your business needs.

Our Production

Auto Vehicle Detection (AVD)

Vehicle tracking for their movements has become a critical necessity in terms of commercial and security/Surveillance purposes. By simply capturing the vehicle registration number plate...


Sorting, Classification and Document Archive

NEKMA’s sorting & Classification Solution now plays a vital role by sorting various types of documents simply based on common contents, logos, features, sensitive information,...


Mail & post

NEKMA Solutions’ newest product is exclusively for those who operate mail and postal services in high-volume, large organizations with mailrooms and ideally government postal service...


Plastic Card Text Data Extraction

Imagine the manual identity verification process by security officers in an institution with regular visitors in large numbers. Highly time consumed manual processes with embarrassing...


Automated Document Processing

Extracting valuable data from complex on-paper documents with flexible structures in desired formats is now possible through OCR Engines powered by machine learning technology. Information...


Key Factors to Examine in Handwriting Recognition Selection

A Solid track record of proven large volume Handwriting Recognition implementations.

Processing speed for modern handwriting recognition automation should be under a second per field.

High STP rates to ensure less manual data entry with quality data results significantly more accurate than humans.

Handwriting Recognition powered by advanced technology to ensure it can adapt to meet the changing needs of the client.

Our Solutions


TURFpal was conceptualized and designed based on a growing need within the...

Government Processes

NEKMA Solutions has simplified many labor, document, and time-intensive government processes into...

BPO & Services

NEKMA Solutions offers a variety of software solutions specially designed for BPOs....

Banking & Finance Industry

Every client would love to have instant/successful transaction processing at a minimal...

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Fixed Lines: (+94) 112 804 249

Email: info@nekmasolutions.com


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